Text 23 Aug Sheaffer Targa Set

Pens arrived safely and look great. Thanks!

Text 6 May NOS Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil Set

NOS Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pen and Mechanical Pencil Set


Price £150 GBP plus shipping at cost

Colour 1083 Laque Black Spiral 

"Elegant spiral design in black laque finish with narrow cap band, with 23 carat gold electroplated trim, fitted with a 14 carat solid gold nib. The depth and quality of this finish is a result of being individually hand lacquered 14 times and polished, also by hand, to deep, luminous glow." - SheafferTarga.com

The 1083 Laque Black Spiral is a relatively difficult to find, highly collectable, top of the line finish. It is cousin to the LE 1083a Laque Ivory Spiral and part of the Luxury Collection. 

This set is stickered and boxed.


Being an impoverished student and an amateur fountain pen user, I had stuck with a Chinese Hero fountain pen for nearly 2 years now.  It costs RMB16 and it writes amazingly.  It was smooth, slightly springy - the way that a left-hander like me would love. 

Nevertheless, by meeting this person, I was introduced to overseas brands.  I was offered a LAMY AL-star and the Sheaffer Prelude, at a very, very silly price.  They came yesterday, well packaged.  The LAMY was the full aluminum version, while the Sheaffer was brushed chrome and gold trim; the latter was given a new nib.  The pen’s exterior has no scratches, whatsoever - very well maintained.  Both pens are awesome writers, and like those online reviews have mentioned, very well made.  I’m not going to review the pens thoroughly, as a lot of people had already done that. 

All I have to say is that I enjoy very much the buying experience and also conversing with the seller regarding fountain pens. 

Video 9 Apr

New Faber-Castell e-motion + 3 Luxury Pens Rollerball Pen Refills 


Price £45 shipped worldwide

Colour Black pearwood with chrome furniture

This is an extremely well-balanced pen. It has a black pearwood barrel with chrome furniture polished to a high shine. The refill has a ceramic tip which is exceptionally smooth. The clip is spring-loaded.

This set is complete with original

  • cushioned hard box;
  • paper box sleeve;
  • 3 refills, and
  • papers.
Video 9 Apr

New Graf von Faber-Castell Pocket Ballpoint + 2 D1 Ballpoint Refills


Price £90 shipped worldwide, 30% off RRP

Colour Platinum

This miniature ballpoint is truly beautiful, a wonder of precision engineering. It is 90mm capped, 72mm uncapped and 7mm in diameter. As shown in the last photo, the cap slips into the barrel of the pen and screws onto hidden threads. It can be posted to lengthen the pen during writing. The entire pen is platinum-plated. The clip is spring-loaded. The crown of the cap is ribbed. 

This set is complete with original

  • box;
  • paper box sleeve;
  • 2 refills, and
  • papers.

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